As a Maker and a Scuba Diver, I think the ultimate fun is to build your own dive computer!

What is required for that?

  • Free time - one full day is enough
  • Money - you can get started from a $200 USD budget
  • Pre-ordered parts
  • Instructions

Regarding the last point just follow these steps:

  1. Order the required parts
  2. 3D print the on/off switch and the pressure sensor cases
  3. Fabricate the PCB
  4. Assemble the Watertight case
  5. Assemble your DiveIno - see the PCB or Arduino Shield versions
  6. Upload the latest software onto your DiveIno
  7. Read the User Guide
  8. Dry test your DiveIno
  9. Go diving!

For more details, please read the From zero to hero blog post!